In The Beginning of Dating

Is he interested? I wonder what he thinks of me? Why doesn’t he text often? Why won’t he call? Does he go through my social media pictures like I do? Am I moving too Fast?

I am far too familiar with these worries in the early stages of getting to know someone. I have plenty of friends who are currently on the prow and who constantly battle with these thoughts and doubts. You are Not alone if these are common questions after your first or second Great date. 

These are all Natural ways to think and feel, especially, after meeting someone who has some potential for you to move up in the next level of dating. These questions also can mean this person has caught your attention enough that you can actually envision yourself having a more consistent relationship than just dating here and there. You are thinking ahead. This is actually a good indicator this person has sparked something you are interested in. And then, unfortunately the doubts kick in. 

 #1 you are not  psychic and cannot read another persons mind.

#2 if they do not clearly spell out an answer for each and every one of these questions it will forever be a mystery until the day they decide to be genuine with their feelings or they get over the shy phase and fess up. 

#3 Trust me this is a common first phase conflict 

# 4 This too Shall Pass!



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